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Shenzhen ZOOY Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Basic Guard Tour Systems in China. Our product is ideal for surveillance and security requirements of companies, factories, institutions, and organizations. Our guard tour system is designed to track and monitor security personnel’s movements and activities during their patrols. This system is composed of a handheld device and a series of checkpoints at various locations, which the security personnel need to scan through their device.

Our Basic Guard Tour System is simple to install, easy to use, and guarantees to improve security operations. Our system is user-friendly with a clear LCD screen, simple button operation, and efficient data downloading through a USB port. The device is robust and can withstand accidental drops and shocks. The software that comes with our product enables managers to monitor the patrols in real-time and track the incidents and activities of guards.

Choose Shenzhen ZOOY Technology Development Co., Ltd. as your Basic Guard Tour System supplier, and experience top-notch quality and reliability at an affordable price.
  • Introducing our latest Basic Guard Tour System, the perfect solution for small businesses and organizations looking to implement a cost-effective security management system. Our Basic Guard Tour System is designed to ensure that your security personnel are performing their duties efficiently and effectively. Our system features a user-friendly interface that enables guards to easily scan checkpoints and collect data using handheld devices. The data captured is then uploaded to a secure cloud-based platform, accessible to authorized personnel from anywhere at any time. This feature makes it easy to track your security personnel's activities in real-time, ensuring that they are conducting their patrols as expected. The Basic Guard Tour System offers customizable reporting tools that provide a detailed analysis of the security activities across all locations. It's an excellent tool for evaluating the effectiveness of your security management strategies and identifying areas that require improvement. Our system's affordability is one of its unique features, as it delivers excellent value for money without compromising quality. It eliminates the risks of theft, vandalism, or any other security-related incidents that could occur in your business. In conclusion, our Basic Guard Tour System is a compact, easy-to-use solution designed for businesses and organizations seeking to maximize their security management efficiency without incurring high costs. Trust us to deliver the best security management solution tailored to your business needs.
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